42story Challenge Yourself

Discussion created by cbossard on Apr 14, 2013

My first experience with baseball came during PE class in middle school.  It was always fun learning a new sport and of course I tried to outdo everyone else in class learning the rules and executing well during the games. Outside of that baseball didn’t become a main sport in my personal physical activities. I have always loved watching baseball movies though. One of my favorite movies overall is the softball movie, “A League of Their Own.” As a female this really touched me. As an African American getting a better look at the life of Jackie Robinson in “42” also touched me deeply.  The only other time I remember really engaging in baseball personally was on one of my first dates. I was taken to a batting cage. I hit the ball pretty well on the softball setting. Then I switched it to baseball and challenged myself even further with the goal of beating my date. I don’t believe I succeeded but I was very proud of myself for pushing myself and hitting the ball as many times as I did. Baseball really is an enjoyable sport. Maybe I will add it to my repertoire of pastimes. At the very least I will remember the lessons of Jackie Robinson, players in the Negro Leagues, and those from movies of females playing the sport to continue challenging myself throughout my life and to not be deterred by naysayers.