42Story - Baseball as America's PastTime

Discussion created by pointerbrother on Apr 14, 2013

ryAs a lifelong Brewers fan, it has been a lifetime filled with disappointment.  The Brewers last playoff appearance was 1982, which happened to be 1 year after my birth.  After spending my childhood falling in love with the Brewers while listening to the soothing voice of Bob Uecker with my dad, I was looking forward to the one chance I would get to see the Brewers play in the playoffs.  Although my father and I now live several hours apart, I was hoping also that I could somehow share that moment with him.  As it turned out, the Brewers playoff appearance that occurred a few years ago on the back of C.C. Sabathia allowed everythingt to fall into place.  It just so happened that the birth of our first child occurred in mid-September, and so my parents came to visit the last weekend in September.  On that weekend, as they came to meet their first grandchild, the Brewers also clinched their first playoff appearance in over 25 years.  It was the perfect weekend indeed, filled with a little divine intervention!