42Story - Meeting the future HOFer Alex Rodriguez

Discussion created by pointerbrother on Apr 14, 2013

When I was in high school, the only "professional baseball" team in town was the Appleton Foxes, which are now known as the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers.  I used to keep tabs on them a little bit and knew some of the players that came through, including Tom Gordon.  However, there was one player that generated buzz unlike any other.  I remember going to the ball game to see this prodigy, Mr. Alex Rodriguez, and being amazed not only at his baseball talent but by how much of a following he had.  After the game, the whole crowd moved from the stands to outside the clubhouse door in order to see the "future great."  Although his career is now stained by the steroids allegations, the signed Alex Rodriguez Appleton Foxes poster that I now have is one of my prized possessions and reminds me of a time when the game was clean and meant something.