Maddux vs Clemens

Discussion created by xroserobarros on Apr 14, 2013

When I came to this country on year 1993 I didn't know nothing about baseball, basket, speak English, write in English, etc. One night after we finish working we went out to "Flanigan's" for some chicken wings and drinks. My co-workers (seven in total with me) started this very heated conversation of whom was better, Clemens or Maddux; each of us start giving their own opinion of which pitcher was the number one at the time, nevertheless to say that I was very nervous since I didn't know a clue of what they were talking about; I used several tricks in order not to give my opinion since I didn't want them to know I was "ignorant" about the topic. I went to the bathroom three times, went to the car two, etc; always looking for an excuse not to give my opinion. My efforts were useless since finally they got me, by the way the opinions were divided three - three when it was my turn, after hesitating for several seconds since I didn't want to hurt anybody feelings I said "Maddux". It was like an atomic bomb; three of my co-workers celebrating and the other three "hating" me. After that night, I decided to get more into the American Sports; so I start watching games, reading statistics, etc. After several months I had become an expert on the topic; I knew almost by heart every single player in Baseball and I was very confident with my opinion about any player. I became a baseball guru to the point that I went to the majority of the games for the then "Florida Marlins" for several years. I celebrated like crazy both world series and I can say that baseball it had become my passion; I still like other sports like soccer, basketball, hockey, etc; but I'm really hook with baseball; unfortunately my team is always being dismantled by  he owners and these days I can;t go to the stadium like I use to because of several factors; but I can say the same way Robinson changed the way we look at baseball, that night changed the way I look at baseball......and by the way...I think the best pitcher I ever saw wasn't Clemens or Maddux; but Randy Johnson; maybe I should had say that when I was asked who was better and probably my 'love" for baseball would had been different.