Discussion created by wrigley on Apr 14, 2013

When my step-dad first introduced my brother and I to baseball, we were about 7 and 10 respectively (I am the older brother).  We had both played basketball for a few winters and were on the swim team other winters but we had never played baseball before.  My step-dad was a big fan of baseball and grew up playing it as a kid.  At that time had only been dating my mom for about a year and so he surprised us with some baseball gloves and a couple balls to throw around in the backyard.  Since I was older, he had me throw to him, while he could more gently toss it to my younger brother.  We had only went around this triangle for a few turns before I had the hang of it and want to try different throws like pop-ups and grounders.  My step-dad thought that was fine and so he gently tossed a slightly lobbed ball, underhand, to my brother.  My brother raised his glove, the ball tipped off the top of his glove and hit him right in his nose.  My brother started to cry and so we ended the game of catch and got him a cold pack.  Now my brother was not really hurt since we were only about ten feet apart but my mom was not thrilled with the idea either of us getting hit in the face.  The next week, my step-dad came back and asked if we wanted to play catch again.  This time he had a batter's helmet for my brother so that his face would be protected.  My brother and I were excited and so we went out into the backyard.  Around the same number of throws, I wanted to get fancy again and so my step-dad tried to lob another ball to my brother.  Not only did it hit off the top of his glove again, but it hit the brim of the batters helmet and was funneled straight into his nose.  We got him another icepack and postponed any further activity for another week.  The next weekend, my step-dad came fully prepared.  He got my brother a catcher's helmet, with neck cover, which my brother used for the rest of the summer.  Since the first two times incidents, I do not think that my brother has ever got hit in the face again but the story remains a staple in our family jokes.  My brother and I still love to play catch in the backyard too.