old jersey

Discussion created by wrigley on Apr 14, 2013

One summer when I was in middle school, my baseball team got a ridiculously ugly jersey color; something akin to puke green.  While all of the other teams were sporting "cool" colors like Cardinal red or Brewer blue, we were stuck with this no-name color.  It also happened that my team was particularly good that year and we ended up either winning the league or coming in a close second.  Because of that, I ended up keeping the jersey (just a basic t-shirt really) for many years after.  I recently found it under some other clothes and my first thought was, "why would I keep a shirt this color?"  When I realized what it was, I ended up keeping it and packing it away again in order to hold on to the memory of playing baseball as a kid.  Before seeing this old shirt, I did not realize how much baseball meant to me and how much it was a part of my childhood.