Earliest Baseball Memories

Discussion created by miyagi on Apr 14, 2013

My earliest memories of baseball are of watching it on television with my mother.  This is a bit ironic for a woman that was never athletic and didn’t follow any sport but she was fanatic about her Tokyo-based Yomiuri Giants.  My mother is Japanese and the Japanese are as fanatical about their national pastime sport as we are here in the U.S.  The Yomiuri Giants had one superstar, Sadaharu Oh, that was a true pleasure to watch primarily because he was such a productive slugger.  He was the first baseball player to beat Babe Ruth’s homerun record and boasts a record 868 career homeruns.  Since that time, many Japanese players have come to play baseball in the Major League and it is common to see American players on the teams in Japan.  This amazing sport has transformed a great deal over the years and has done much to bring the world together.