Bitter Sweet

Discussion created by ajcowles18 on Apr 14, 2013

I was half way through my junior season and
driving down to Myrtle Beach with my parents for our high schools annual spring
break trip. On the way we got a call that my mother’s brother and one of my
favorite Uncles had passed away in his sleep due to a heart attack. He was only
in his 50’s. We pulled off the road and as we fought through the tears and
emotions we tried to decide whether we should turn around and skip the tournament.
Well seeing that could not do anything we decided that Uncle Walter would have
been more upset on my skipping baseball and missing the sport he and I both
loved, we kept on driving. At that point in the season I was batting in the low
300’s. But before the first game the next day I went up to my mom got a permanent
marker and put my uncle’s name and birthday on my helmet and told her that this
season was now for Walt. I went on to go 4-5 with 6 Rbi’s that game and finished
my junior season batting .415 leading the team with home runs and doubles. It
turned out to be the season that I committed to a full ride to a College in Virginia.
I was blessed to get to honor my Uncle with the sport I loved and I will never
forget one of my favorite people that was put on this earth.