Bad haircut but a good day at the ballpark

Discussion created by davidhoughton2005 on Apr 14, 2013

I got a call at work from a friend one morning at work saying he had a couple of Cubs bleacher tickets if I could make it to the afternoon game.  I gladly accepted and took a half day off work.  On my to pickup my 9 year old daughter from a neighbor's house I realized it was going to be in the upper 90's and quite humid.  I was going to get a long overdue haircut after work that day but did not have time before the game.  Rather than sweat through the game, I thought, with my daughter's help, we could just do it our selves.  We parked at the ballpark and I grabbed the scissors.  I cut away as she tried to guide me.  After a thorough thinning out, we went a had a great time at the game.  When we got back home my wife was kind enough to tell me of the gaping holes I had created.  I went to the barber that night and needed a very short crew cut to remedy the mess.  Small price to pay for a good day at the game !