Teaching our son to love baseball

Discussion created by nad_angress on Apr 14, 2013

When you have a child and you live in New England (with Connecticut being an exception to the rule), the child must become a Red Sox fan.  There are no other options.  So we've been teaching our son about baseball.  It started with the basics - the bat, the ball, the bases, 9 players - a pitcher a catcher up against a hitter.  How to run the bases.  What is a single, double, triple and home run.  Then we've moved onto the specifics, what and where is Fenway Park?  What is the "Green Monster"?  Why do we dislike the Yankees.  Who are the legends: Ted Williams, Carleton Fiske, Johnny Pesky.  Who are the more recent heroes: Pedro Martinez, David Ortiz and why is he called Big Papi.  It's a lot for a 6 year old to take in, but we are confident, with time, our son will become as big a Red Sox fan as his father is and his grandfather before him.