Discussion created by jayb on Apr 14, 2013

Most felt a 13 yr old boy who suffered from obesity could not succeed at sports, yet here he was during a night game of little league baseball proving everyone wrong!  Selected to pitch a late season game for a team that was already out of the playoff hunt, I took the ball with the intentions of giving everyone a memory that they will not soon forget.   Batter after batter went hitless until we landed at two outs in the bottom of the 6th (only 6 innings were played back then).  Tired and sweaty, I muster enough strength to get the ball out of my hands towards the plate.  One strike, two strikes and then the last pitch which bounced before home plate was swung at and missed!


All my fellow team members surrounded me at the mound and it was the best feeling I had to that point in my life.  For that night, the obese kid astonished them all!

Folks that I bump into years later still remember that night for it gave them something to cheer about during an otherwise lackluster baseball season.