Brooklyn Baseball with the NY Bombers

Discussion created by nellynelnyc on Apr 14, 2013

As a kid growing up in NY in the 70's and loving the Yankees it was a great american past time favorite of mine. Being able to watch #44 Reggie Jackson hit these monster home runs at Yankee stadium was amazing to watch and got every fan's adrenalin pumping. When my first opportunity came by to visit the house that Ruth built it was truly a moment I would never forget in my life. That summer I kept pestering my old man that I wanted to play in a baseball league for our local police precinct. It was not until the following year that my old man finally came around to signing me up to play. I was all giddy that my first opportunity had finally come to play in a team. The feeling on putting on that baseball uniform and slipping on a pair of baseball cleats for the very first time made me feel like I was in the big leagues. All in all while I was never a super star player for my team, the feeling of being part of team whether it was winning or losing a game allowed to to take my imagination and place me in the middle of all the action. This feeling was a priceless experience I will never forget in my life. Go Yankees!