First Time at the Big Leagues

Discussion created by jeffthewanderer on Apr 13, 2013

I grew up in Syracuse, New York, a long, long way from a Major League ballpark. It wasn't until I was in college in Worcester, Massachusetts, that I really started to follow one specific team. Everyone around me was Red Sox fans and I gradually got sucked in to the somewhat obsessive culture. I made it through four years of school about an hour away from Fenway Park and somehow never managed to make it to a Red Sox game at Fenway.


It wasn't until years later that I finally had my chance. The Red Sox were fresh off their 2007 World Series win and I was offered a couple of tickets to a 2008 playoff game. What could be better? I would drive up to Boston, hang out with a bunch of friends from school, and finally get to see the Red Sox in action at Fenway Park. They were playing the Tampa Bay Rays and I was sure it would be a good game.


As it got closer to game day, I got more and more excited, and when I finally got off the train that day, I couldn't believe the atmosphere. It was amazing. Now the game didn't turn out quite like I had imagined. I don't recall the exact score, but I know the Sox lost by more than 10 runs. It was heartbreaking to see, but even a tough loss couldn't have made my first trip to Fenway Park into a bad day. The game was great, the company and crowd was even better, and I can't wait until I have another chance to watch the Red Sox play. Maybe If we're lucky, I can get up there to see them in a playoff game this fall.