Discussion created by lululu on Apr 13, 2013

My grandma and my mom took me to games before I was under one year old. We bought season tickets every year til I was in 3rd grade, because I guess we just didn't have the time, money or patience for our team. I learned most of the rules by 2nd grade, I helped my mom keep score. Of course I didn't have the attention span to last 9 innings, I usually conked out by the 5th. Then when 4th grade came along I turned into this punk girl who made fun of my dad for watching our horrible baseball team on TV. I showed no interest or support of my home team. I had totally lost interest in baseball. Then our team made it to the World Series out of nowhere, since they have had some of the worst years of consecutive years of baseball, not even making it to the playoffs! The TV's were on every day in our school about baseball. I watched some of it but not much.

Then in 8th grade, a year after, it finally hit me, baseball was cool no matter who or what team was playing it! Of course I had rivals in my head, but I still appreciated the game. I refreshed all the rules in my head.

But I'm not TOTALLY baseball, I play volleyball, run and hang out with friends too. I definitely regret not playing softball though.