87 World Series

Discussion created by jw27 on Apr 13, 2013

As a 3rd grader, I was quite excited to see my favorite team, the Minnesota Twins, in the World Series.  Unfortunately, a illness than I had gotten on and off up to that point in my life flared up and I found myself in the hospital and scheduled for surgery the day of Game 2, the only one I had a ticket for.  I missed the game, but did get to watch on TV.  My uncle, who I was to go to the game with, tried everything he could to allow the doctor's to allow me to go to Game 6, but to no avail.  Luckily, my father and him still got to go and witness one of the greatest game in World Series history.  My uncle was able to get a hold of someone in the organization and told them my story.  A few weeks later, an envelope with a bunch of souvenirs showed up.  While it didn't make up for missing the World Series, it was a small consolation.