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baseballHere is a funny baseball story.


I was working concessions. It is fun to raise money for the kids and support baseball and I get to see alot of baseball.


I see a lot of baseball because, when a rally is going on, people stop buying things. So I get to stop and watch the game till the rally is over.


So, the team at bat had one guy on second base. He was a really big kid. The kid that is at bat lines a shot to the outfield that goes all the way to the fence. The big kid on second takes off and rumbles around third and heads for home. When he get there he slides in in a big cloud of dust as it is not a grass infield. The batter is flying around the bases and is slowing into third base as the throw gets to the cut off man deep in the outfield. The cut off man tries to make a quick catch and throw but he drops the ball as it hits his glove. The runner at third see this and takes off for home for an easy score, BUT there is a problem...


The big guy that slid into home has covered home plate up and wiped out any sign of where it might be. The kid looks around and then does a river dance impression stamping around repeatedly with one foot where he thinks home plate might be. Quickly realizing this is getting him no where he drops to his knees and begins to run his hands back and forth through the dirt frantically searching for home plate. He finally found it before the ball got to home to tag him out.


Just thought that was one of the many funny stories I see as a concessions worker at a youth baseball field.