How Baseball became my number one sport

Discussion created by xroserobarros on Apr 13, 2013

I came to this beautiful country from South America when I was on my twenties; baseball is not a very popular game in that part of the globe like soccer is. Living in Miami I developed a passion for the Florida Marlins, going to most local games for several years, raining or not; I was at the stadium supporting my team; the celebrating of the first world series was memorable; and celebrating the second was even better. I could never imagine that with time I would love baseball more than soccer; being in the stadium cheering, celebrating a home run, bringing my family with me to the stadium (very important); eating hot dogs (like in the movies); etc is an emotion very difficult to understand by my friends in my native country when I explained to them what Baseball means to me. Only a true fan can understand the emotion of the "war" between a pitcher and a hitter, those seconds that freeze time while you see the direction of the ball; how imagination runs in your mind thinking about the conclusion of the play; every pitch counts; every play is important for the outcome of the game; etc. Unfortunately things changed on the last couple of years for me financially and some changes of players in my team that I don't go to the stadium as often as I would like; but doesn't stop me for loving baseball; doesn't matter if is on TV; or listening to the radio, or surfing the internet; or just talking to my friends or nephews; baseball had become part of my life....had become part of me....the same way Robinson became part of history for the game. Play ball.... let's the game begin.Miami