42 baseball - What life teaches, when we're not looking

Discussion created by bodie on Apr 13, 2013

I sat there watching him transfixed on the game.  His eyes lit up and moved with every swing of the bat. I don't remember much about the game because I was engrossed in the eagerness of this fan. I finally got the courage to tap his mother on the shoulder and ask if this was his first game. She quietly began to say no, when this little pint size marvel spoke up and said no sir.  I then said to him that "we all should be so excited about life as you are about this game".  He chuckled,  "maybe if you lived life as if this was your last day you would".  That statement surprised me coming from someone so small.  We continued to watch the game. Fifteen minutes had pass and the announcer came over the PA., we have "Forward" in the stands tonight.  The crowd erupted; the little pint size marvel stood up and saluted the crowd by taking off his baseball cap and waving.  There was a standing ovation for this little fan.  I later found out that Mike who likes to be called "Forward" had recently loss his father and the last  thing they shared was a baseball game at that stadium, before someone texting and driving took his life.  The last thing that Forward remembers his father saying to him was "get excited and live life as if this was your last day"  Forward and his mother have attended every game in his father's honor since that tragic night.  Forward was unhurt,  but never forgot his father's words to him.  So as I endured double lung surgery one year ago I never forgot that game or FORWARD. More for what it reminded me about life than the score.