42story - teaching my son to play left handed

Discussion created by rkleckner on Apr 12, 2013

When I was very young and just learning how to play baseball. My father really wasn't a sports fan, and the coaches were just parents. I was left-handed and the coach of the team was a normal parent, who never asked and had no idea I was left-handed, or had access to any left handed equipment, so I was forced to play right-handed, or not at all.


So, now I am a father of a son who started to play baseball. It brought back all sorts of bad memories of inept parent coaches, so I made sure to be an assistant coach, and made sure my son received instruction from someone who wasn't just interested in their own child's well being. So after all this, the team turned out to be competitive, and wanted to win at all costs. They did win the championship, and my young son didn't play, and the coach tried to convince us being on a championship team was just as good as playing. Basically, my son had a bad experience and really didn't want to play baseball anymore. We were told it would be a recreational league, but the parents went nuts and became people we didn't recognize.


I wonder what memories my son will have when he has kids and baseball comes up.