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Grew up (and still am) a Yankees fan (from NJ originally). First Yankees game I went to, my dad took me down to the field level during the game (before Steinbrener turned every seat in the first ten rows into a private restaurant) and I tried to climb over the wall onto the field, right around where they kept the extra rolled up grass. Must've been four years old.


First and only Yankees/Red Sox game I went to, Jeter homered on the first pitch and the place went nuts. Sox won big that game though.


One of my best friends' family had season tickets at the old Yankee Stadium, 2nd row behind the plate. Got to go to one game with him sitting there. It was awesome. They were the only family who still had tickets in that section, everything else had been bought up by companies. Unfortuneatly they had to get rid of them a few years later due to the costs continuing to rise.


Saw Mark McGwire hit #50 in the 98 season playing at Shea Stadium.


Have seen Griffey play four or five times. He homered in every one of those games except one, where it went off the wall. One was while he was on Seattle (97 or 98) and the rest were when he was on Cincy. I've seen a lot of big names play (Bonds, McGwire, every Yankee team since like 1993, Pujols, etc...) and seeing Griffey play was always the best. When he went up to hit, it was like you were watching one of the old timers play. A living legend in his prime.


Had a great time this year going to Old Timers Day at Yankee Stadium a few months back as well. They had a three inning game before the actual game, and it was great to see the guys from my childhood play again. Paul O'neill, Tino, Bernie Williams, Strawberry, and David Cone were all there. Bucky Dent can still hit btw haha. It was a lot of fun.


I've been to I think seven baseball stadiums. Yankee Stadium is a cathedral and is great, but I think Fenway is probably my favorite. Wrigley was pretty cool too. It's like watching baseball in a time capsule.