Neighborhood Places.   Ever been here?

Discussion created by anadyr on Apr 12, 2013


In advance of other posts on this theme, what say we list some of our favorite places where we live? These can be hotels, restaurants, attractions or events.  Here's a starter from our Monterey Peninsula.

Post Ranch is on the right hand side (Ocean side) of scenic CA Highway 1, near Big Sur.  Very pricey but worth a special occasion splurge, and the views (free) are incredible.  Worth a trip down from Carmel.  But stop and watch the curves along the way.  Takes around 45 minutes if all goes well, but it is time well-spent.

You might also want to stop and check out this hidden gem of a State Park.  At times it seems like you're alone, no airplanes zooming overhead, no traffic noise, just the Redwoods, the coastal plants, the rushing water and a sense of serenity that is missing in most locations that I have been.