Wrigley Field

Discussion created by iang000 on Apr 12, 2013

It was the mid 80's and I was working in a software support job supporting CAD/CAM systems. One of the perks of the job was to travel twice a year for what was known as CUE (Cadam User's Exchange). I got to go to cities like New Orleans, Long Beach, Dallas, and Chicago. The event was interesting and I would always bring back a lot of documentaion and knowledge that I would often use on the job to improve things at work.


The event lasted 1 week and filled most of the day. Even the evenings and the nights were scheduled with parties and dinners where we would meet some of the other support people or even some of the top management of the company that made the software. I always had some time to do something on my own (or with my coworker who would always tag along) however.


At the time I was there Wrigley Field still did not have electric lighting and there were only day games played there. I managed to snag some time off from the events one afternoon to attend a Cubs game.


It was neat to visit cities where I have never been before and check out the highlights. The time I remember best was when I was in Chicago. I couldn't go to Chicago during the baseball season and not go to Wrigley Field. I went with my coworker. We stood in line at the ticket window and got some decent seats.


The stadium was everything I thought it was like. From the seats to the flag poles and of course there was the 7th inning stretch with Harry Caray. My seat was close enough to the broadcast booth so that I was able to see him sing the famous "Take me out to the ballgame". I have to admit that I was certainly not a fan of the cubs (who can be? j/k) but going to a ballgame at Wrigley while Harry Caray was broadcaster was one of the most memerable games of my life.


The beautiful real grass field was green and perfect. The ivy covered walls were as beautiful as they looked on TV. I could see the fans on the apartment buildings across from the stadium sitting with their beers and food watching from the ultra-cheap seats. Even the famous wind off of the lake was just as I imagined.