42 story from many years ago

Discussion created by jmarriottw on Apr 12, 2013

So baseball was everywhere in 1958 when I was finally old enough to join the local Little League. My parents couldn't wait for me to be ready to sign up, my Brother a skilled player long before I was ready to hit the field. But, not many games in, I was at the plate and got creamed with what was a fastball at that age, probably not much of a pitch for older kids, and I was scared to play ever since. No amount of quick pick-ups at second base with my OK glove skills made up for being nervous every time at the plate. In pick up games you don't get picked early if you can't stand in and hit what comes your way. So, one season and it was over. Now many years, decades for that matter later, last year my buddy had his 60th birthday, and the party was at Yankee Stadium, lunch and a tour of the stadium. And, what I saw was an excited 60 year old kid who was my buddy back in Little League, as excited and as young as we were back when that pitch smacked me. And I got it, you could just love the game, to feel as young as a kid with an OK glove and some good buddies that lasted forever.