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Los Suenos and All-inclusive rate

Question asked by 2puravida on Apr 11, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2013 by 2puravida

Just booked our vacation to Costa Rica, which includes a return to Los Suenos. We have never utilized a Marriott vaca "all-inclusive" option and have some questions I did not find answers to:


  • Will this option include snacks and drinks (juice, soda, sparkling water, non-alco. drinks) at anytime?
  • I understand the idea of "premium" food upcharge, but do not see clarification for what can be eaten (ex: 4 courses)
  • When we want to finish walking after dinner and find a spot to sit and have dessert and coffee, is that included?
  • Under the Marriott vacation page, the whole page ad for CR Los Suenos all-inclusive says all taxes AND gratuities inc. Not so under rate rules when making my reservations.


Any input from your experience at Los Suenos would be great help. Not sure non-drinkers would be wise to choose the all-inclusive.

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