Pennant porch days

Discussion created by swissguy55 on Apr 11, 2013

Back in the mid '60s at the old Kansas City Municipal Stadium when Charlie Finley owned the ball club he installed the pennant porch just beyond the right field wall.  Double headers were also much more common than they are today.  You could get yourself a cheap seat, have a couple of beers and enjoy two games.  Certainly an all day event then.  Because the Pennant Porch was right behind the wall.  The right fielders were all generally talkative and fun to yak to between innings.  The most entertaining of all was Leon 'Daddy Wags' Wagner.  Spending days that way was certainly never a waste.  Pennant Porches are gone, double headers virtually gone, such a shame.  To borrow the idea from Ernie Banks - What a great day, let's play two.