MY Brooklyn Dodgers

Discussion created by umuva on Apr 11, 2013

It was the summer of 1953 and I was nine years old. I lived in Brooklyn and was an avid Dodger fan. My uncle, who lived near Ebbetts Field invited me to my first game ever. But it was better than that. It was a doubleheader against the Milwaukee Braves. My mom made me cream cheese and jelly sandwiches and I took the bus to meet my uncle. It was a gorgeous summer  day!  The Braves had Hank Aaron, Eddie Matthews, Joe Adcock, Lew Burdette. But the Dodgers had Campy, Gil, Peewee, Carl, the Duke, Oisk, and of course Number 42, Jackie Robinson. The Boys of Summer versus another great team. A day filled with many future Hall of Famers. It was a day of great pitching and just enough hitting as my Dodgers won both games 3-2, 2-1. I kept my scorecard for many years until it was lost in a move. After the game, we walked to my uncle's apartment where my aunt had snacks for us before I went home. Floating on Cloud Nine. Later that year the Dodgers won the pennant and faced the hated Yankees in the World Series. At PS 269, where I attended elementary school, televisions were in the auditorium and teachers brought their classes in to watch Brooklyn's Dodgers defeat the Yankees. What a year! What an experience! What a memory!!