First Cubs game

Discussion created by cotter2589 on Apr 11, 2013

I had entertained some offers for work while college was coming to a close for me. One of these offers was in Chicago. The company decided to fly me out from Boston for an official interview. I looked up the Cubs schedule and luckily there was going to be a game that weekend! I went through with my interview and decided to stay over the weekend and go to my first Cubs game with a buddy who lived in the area. I was put up at a very nice Marriott not too far from Wrigley Field and I headed there nice and early to meet my buddy. We still had to scalp tickets but I was so shocked to find out how cheap they were. Coming from Boston, $10 tickets were a great surprise as the Cubs hadn't gotten off to a very bright start (again) that year. Wrigley Field was a great spectacle and the fans were still enthusiastic and great. I really enjoyed seeing the other oldest ballpark in the US coming from Fenway all the time. The Cubs ended up losing to the lowly Pirates but it was a beautiful day out for baseball and a great experience and I ended up taking that job and moving to the wonderful city of Chicago after that.