Sox in the Series '04

Discussion created by cotter2589 on Apr 11, 2013

After doing the impossible and coming back from down 0-3 to the Yankees in the ALCS, the Boston Red Sox made it to the World Series.


I had pleaded with my dad at the time the we should go up and try and scalp tickets. Who knew when the Sox could reach the World Series again?? Well after my football game he surprised me. He told me to shower up and get ready for the drive up to Boston from Connecticut. I was estatic but we still faced the uphill battle of finding tickets that wouldn't empty out my college fund. After about an hour of searching around a buzzing Fenway, we met a couple who happened to work at NESN. They offered us their seats at a reasonable price. They were trying to make a little money but not commit highway robbery. So we bought the tickets and we were in. They were odd seats, underneath special bleachers built in right field that extended up just under the big Budweiser sign. We had to take an elevator to get up there and while we were riding up and stopped at another floor, the recent American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson walked into the elevator! She was due to sing the 7th inning stretch song of God Bless America and I got to meet her briefly while my dad had no idea who she was. The seats ended up being awesome and I got to watch my Red Sox open up a can on the St. Louis Cardinals en route to their first world series in many, many years. A great baseball trip for sure and a good night's rest at Marriott after.