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    On April 21, 1961, a group of five freshmen at Carleton College played hooky and attended the first-ever home game of the new Minneapolis Twins (Griffith's old Washington Senators) in Metropolitan Stadium, Bloomington, Minn.   It was a chilly spring day.  We bought the cheapest tickets but soon found ourselves in the first row of the second deck, immediately behind home plate.  Metropolitan Stadium had hosted a minor league team for the previous four years, but had undergone a major ($9 million!) rennovation to accomodate the Twins.   We soon discovered that during the upgrade, the screen behind home had been improperly fastened to the second deck, so foul balls would roll up the screen and become wedged in the space between screen and concrete.  The next morning's Minneapolis Tribune featured a picture of two students holding a third student by his legs, lowering him upside-down off the second deck so he could retrieve a trapped ball.  We took five of them back to Northfield and tossed a few more to kids in the first-day crowd.  I've attended at least 100 major league games, and never been close to catching a foul ball, but that day made up for a lifetime of being shut out.