My 42 Story

Discussion created by moneybankshanks on Apr 10, 2013

I'm from Minnesota...born and raised essentially.  My parents divorced when I was 3, so during my summers I would visit my Dad in Milwaukee.  He was originally from the South Side of thus he was a White Sox fan...and henceforth, I was a White Sox fan.  For the better part of my youth, I went to more White Sox games than I did Twins games.  It was weird at such a young age to be a fan of a team when you didn't live there.  I caught my first foul ball at Comiskey Park, had my first funnel cake there, and I saw fireworks when Greg Luzinski would hit a home run!


They tore down "Old" Comiskey Park I think in '89, maybe it was '90.  My favorite memory was that my Dad bribed a security guard and he let us on to the field to take some pictures.  The weeds/grass were taller than me that summer on the field as they tore down the park around it, and if I can find the picture, I'll scan it and attach to this discussion.  The guard even let us take some pieces of the stadium with us, I have the parts of one of the old wooden green chairs, plus some bricks.  I'm not sure what they might be worth monetarily, but they are priceless to me.  My Dad is no longer with us, so as I recall this story I remember what a special moment that was.