Joe Torre vs. Derek Jeter

Discussion created by cnorth on Apr 10, 2013

The town I grew up in had a little bookstore which – somehow – managed to consistently pull in famous names from the Yankees to do book signings.  I attended two of them.  The first was for Joe Torre, and the second for Derek Jeter. The book store was swamped for both, and I ended up waiting in line for hours on both occasions.  On the other hand, Joe Torre was way more fun than Jeter. He had a shorter line, and even let us pause the line so that we could take a picture with him.

Jeter?  I’m still not even sure I saw the guy.  One of his staff took my book (his biography), slid it into an assembly line which (I presume) eventually led to Jeter who scrawled something akin to a signature in it, before ending in the hands of another staff member who slid it back to me.  It’s hard to blame the guy since the line for his signing wrapped a few times around the block, but still – when I look back, Joe’s signing is the one I remember.


On an even less surprising note, there were a lot more female fans at Jeter’s signing.