Requesting Upgrades During A Rewards Stay

Discussion created by lukes123 on Apr 10, 2013
Latest reply on May 22, 2013 by lone6star

Two quick questions from a Rewards newbie:


When a rewards stay is book, should we expect a lower tier room because we are not paying cash?


If we are a Gold Elite member, will the hotel honor the upgrade policy during a rewards stay?  So has anyone in a Gold status been upgraded during a rewards stay?


I have only used my points once and it seems I was given a lower tier room.  However, I will be staying at a Ritz Carlton and it would be cool if they honored the upgrade feature.  To tell you the truth, my company pays a ton of money for my rewards, because most every city I travel to has a cheaper hotel alternative, and I am not talking about Red Roof Inns.  So if I work a year to accumulate points and book a great hotel and get a below par room, I might just have to change courses.  I know I am savings thousands of dollars by using rewards, but who wants to stay in the worst room of any hotel.  I would much rather stay in a great room at a Marriott than the worst at a Ritz Carlton.


Thanks for you replies!