Baseball as America's past time (tagged "42story")

Discussion created by jaymecox on Apr 10, 2013

oh Baseball!  It has been around longer than I have and yet is lives on.  The smell of peanuts, sound of the ball hitting the gloves and the bright lights!  Kids of all ages enjoy this activitity with their family and admire the players, shoot, so do I!  I love baseball and it truely is an American past time.  The memories of the past, present and future....

Good wholesome fun for all!  So, lets 'ROOT, ROOT, ROOT FOR THE HOME TEAM", and help this past time live on!

Can you remember the first time you the hit the ball?  Stole a base?  Or caught a high fly?  If you can't, what are you waiting for?  Time is young...get out and enjoy yourself.