Baseball as America’s Pastime – For Us a Periodic Ritual

Discussion created by garytshea on Apr 10, 2013

When we lived in the DC area, for four or five years running we’d take a trip to see the Milwaukee Brewers play at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore.  This event was the brainchild of a friend who knew my wife and I had grown up in Cream City (named after the brickwork prevalent in the 19th Century, not for the head on a glass of beer dispensed from a keg).  It was meant to be a time we could reminisce.  We weren’t exactly diehard baseball fans, but we enjoyed going to the old ballpark (it was in the midst of residential neighborhoods), the heat (it seemed always to be around July 4th), and a cold beer.  One year Rich decided, as a way to stay focused on the game, to keep detailed stats in his program.  A talented graphic designer, he invented symbols for and tracked everything, hits, RBIs, fouls, walks, strikes, balls, and so on.  This was well before the 2002 Oakland Athletics and Moneyball.  He was ahead of his time and an unabashed intellectual.  Funny thing after the drive back home I quizzed Rich on the meaning of his hieroglyphics.  We could have filed for a patent.  “Too much beer,” he said, “I don’t remember."