Life in Left Field

Discussion created by price034 on Apr 10, 2013

I've never been much of an athlete.  I was never the first one picked on the playground, never made an all star team, and never gotten an MVP award.  I'm not terrible... just not that good.  So as a result I spent most of my early baseball career in left field.  You see in pee wee baseball the ball rarely ever gets to the outfield and if it does, since most everyone is a righty it is going to right field.  So left field is where you put your "not so good players."  But I worked hard out in left field, practiced a lot, and then in second grade it finally happened.  Coach called me in to finish the season at 2nd base.  The infield!  This was huge.  I will never forget that day that coach made the switch and when I went from being a space holder to a part of the game.