Asian Players in Baseball

Discussion created by gododgerblue on Apr 10, 2013

The Los Angeles Dodgers again broke the color barriers.  First it was the late great owner of the Dodgers, Walter O'Malley who was brave enough to bring Jackie Robinson into the Major Leagues, then it was his son Peter O'Malley who brought over the first Korean player to the Majors.  When I first saw Chan Ho Park pitch, I was truly amazed and inspired that a person of the same heritage as me could make it in the big leagues.  Chan Ho Park was very successful with the Dodgers, he helped bring other Asian players into the Dodgers organization like Hideo Nomo from Japan.  Park and Nomo helped break the stereotype that Asians were not good in sports.  The Dodgers have been instrumental in breaking the color lines and stereotypes in Major League Baseball by recognizing the skills of players and not their race.