WANTED:An Empowered Marriott Representative...

Discussion created by keycasemilne on Mar 4, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2008 by mileking the online MR Community (in a neutral setting).

Kudos to Marriott for initiating this site however there's a discussion already underway at regarding Marriott emulating Starwood and appointing an empowered representative to interface with posters on that (neutral) site.

Rather than reiterate the many points and issues raised in that discussion (at the risk of misrepresenting someone's opinion I refer you to the Flyer Talk Marriott Rewards url appearing below. (FYI - There is an appointed "Marriott Concierge" who once and again contributes to the FT MR Forum. However, what is being discussed is about having ongoing communications with a Marriott Representative who is empoered to discuss issues important to Marriott's best customers above and beyond their frequent guest program as does SPG's.)

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