born to play baseball... kind of

Discussion created by luckyducks on Apr 10, 2013

When my son was a baby, I noticed that he liked to grab things, wave and eat with his left hand.  I mentioned this to my husband and commented "I think Brian's a lefty!"  His excited response: "Left-handed relief pitcher!"  I had no idea what he was talking about.


A few years later, Brian would play t-ball, then machine pitch baseball.  I think baseball can be a fun sport for everyone but it can also be a difficult one to play well.  Brian loved it, though, so even though there were times when his dad would complain that baseball was boring and he should switch to soccer, we stuck it out.  By the time he was eight, he was good enough to (barely) make the league's All-Star team.  He could hit the ball (usually) and played right field (poorly) -- dad and I would sit in the stands hoping that no balls were hit in his direction because Brian wasn't likely to catch anything.


But what Brian lacked in skills he made up for in hard work.  He was always willing to practice, no matter how hot it was or how tired he might be.  He continued to improve and was eventually chosen for a travel baseball team coached by a former college and minor league player.  Today he is a 12-year-old whose travel team has won tournaments in three states and whose middle school team is undefeated.  And he is a left-handed relief pitcher.