MLB Baseball Across America

Discussion created by alpern on Apr 10, 2013

msGrowing up in Southern California I had the experience of watching baseball mostly just at my local stadium in Anaheim, home of the Angels. I grew to love Angels stadium along with the team. Still do. Yet, there was a longing inside of me to discover how baseball is experienced and "feels" in other ballparks. My first foray was to nearby Dodger Stadium and years later to Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego, which was still home to the Padres in those years.


Now as a father with a son who is even more of a baseball fan than I was, I have taken on the goal of exposing him to more baseball parks in his youth than I got to enjoy when I was a boy. We started by visiting Isotopes Park in Albuquerque, home of the Dodgers AAA minor league squad. Next we travelled to Boston in 2011 and got to enjoy two games in Fenway Park. We were probably the only ones in the whole park during the first game rooting for the Padres, who lost that game. Key for my son was a visit later that week to (the new) Yankee Stadium, his favorite team. Last year we added Oakland, after which he became an A's fan, much to my chagrin as an Angels fan, and wouldn't you know it, the A's one the AL West last year whereas my Angels missed making the playoffs. We finished up last season with a family trip over Labor Day weekend to San Diego for my first (and his first) game at Petco Park.


This year we just came back from a Spring Break trip to Washington DC - that overlapped opening week of the new 2013 MLB season. We saw the Nats play the second game of the season, beating Miami 3 to zip. While we were not able to catch an Orioles game, as they opened the season on the road, we DID schedule a tour of Oriole Park at Camden Yards, "the stadium that changed baseball".


That puts my/his total at 9 so far - 7 actual MLB games, one MLB stadium tour, and one AAA visit. Next up on my bucket list is SFO (Giants) and ideally Pittsburg and Cincinatti, both of whom I have read feature absolutely brilliant stadiums. So happy that there are Residence Inns in all these locations, as our family typically prefers mid-tier accomodations such as Residence Inn and Courtyard when we travel.