Wrigley Bleachers

Discussion created by travelsometimes on Apr 10, 2013

I became a Cubs fan as a young kid in the early 80s.  In college, a group of us went to a game there and ended up in the right field bleachers.  This is not an uplifting story about baseball, but it is a memorable one for sure.


Cubs were getting beat pretty badly.  At one point a hard-shot line drive homerun comes in our direction, I belive it was off the bat of Mike Piazza, but I don't remember for sure.  It really seemed like a split second between the crack of the bat and the home run.  It was odd, though when it reached the bleachers, it sounded like it hit the wooden bleachers.  The weather was great that afternoon and the bleachers were packed.  A little bit later, we saw a woman being helped out by Stadium staff, because it had been her face that had made the sound we heard.  I felt really bad for her.