Getting on the Jumbo Screen

Discussion created by ctuttut on Apr 10, 2013

When my son and daughter were in grade school, I took them to the new San Francisco Giants stadium.  It is a beautiful stadium set on the San Fransisco Bay.  They had a great time watching the game, but as many younger children do, they were a little bored by the 5th Inning.  My daughter told her brother that she wanted to get on the jumbo screen before the game was over.  He got pretty excited about this and wanted to join in the fun.  Between Innings, they would stand and scream and waive their hands while the camera's were panning the crowd.  They did this several times to no avail.  Finally my daughter came up with an idea that would do the trick.  She and her brother found 2 empty popcorn buckets and stuck them on their heads.  It worked!!  For the first time in her life, she got on camera and she and her brother were broadcast on the jumbo screen for the entire crowd to view, waving and laughing with popcorn buckets on their heads.  It was the first time we had attended a game in the Giants new stadium and the first my children had been viewed by that many people.