42story: When the pastime of the east meets west

Discussion created by gsemman on Apr 10, 2013

My parents came from India to the United States, a couple years before I was born. My Dad talked about playing cricket as a kid, and he even bought me a cricket bat from India during my visit as a child. Playing cricket on the terraces of the houses was common. When we returned, my friends were curious about the game, so I showed them my bat. They didn't really see how it worked, but I always longed to play the game that involved a bat and a ball from that time on.


Then during my teenage years, I moved to a town that had a local minor league baseball team called the Albuquerque Dukes. I hadn't been to a baseball game, until a friend invited me to a Dukes' $.50 hot dog gameday. My friend and I, and his family, sardined ourselves in the food court lines to a get a couple dogs before heading to our seats. We sat behind the home plate about 20 rows away. We had a great time eating our hot dogs and watching the Dukes hit a couple down the line.


Then for a moment it was like I was transported in my mind to the rooftop game in India. It was a little nostalgic, seeing the pitcher throw the ball only to see the batter drive it past the 2nd base, seeing the batter run to first base, and hearing the shouts from the stands. I felt thankful for the game, for my friend and his family to take me to the game. I also felt thankful for my family that taught me the fun things in life. Since that game, I've been many baseball games and played a couple games of softball. And all because of the game that involves a ball and a bat.