Coaching my Daughter's Team

Discussion created by ctuttut on Apr 10, 2013

When my oldest daughter was only 12 years old, she is now 31, I volunteered to be her softball coach.  This was a default, since no one else was available to coach her team. Her team was a group of young girls who had hardly played baseball.  After a very discouraging and defeating season, we were playing our second to last game.  I told the girls, that our goal was no longer to win, it was to just get on base.  I told them to treat that as if we had just won the game.  We now had a goal that we could achieve and get excited about.  Every time someone got on base the whole team cheered and celebrated.  We were able to take an experience in playing baseball from a negative one to a positive one and we ended the season a lot more enthusiastic!