"My Boy"

Discussion created by lpatron on Apr 10, 2013

I grew up in Louisiana and, not having a major league team within 300 miles, ended up becoming a Cubs fan due to all the games being available on WGN.  My mom, dad and brother all became Cubs fans as well, and in the summer of 1985 we planned our family vacation around their California road trip (at that time when NL East times played on the West Coast, the games were usually played consecutively).  Our first stop was San Francisco, and we had tickets for all four Cubs-Giants games.  On the first day at Candlestick Park (7/18/1985), I struck up a conversation with the gentleman seated next to me, as he was extremely knowledgeable about the Cubs, especially the starter that day, Dennis Eckersley.  He seemed to enjoy talking baseball with me, and I noticed that he kept referring to Eckersley as "my boy".  I thought he was just a big fan and felt close to the Cubs, but as the game went on he became more excited about Eck's performance that day.  I remembered that Eck hailed from the Bay Area and slowly realized I was sitting next to Dennis' father!  I was surprised because we weren't sitting in the prime seats, but rather a bit further back from the field, and one might expect family members of players to have access to the best seats.  Nonetheless Mr. Eckersley was polite, well-versed in the game, and extremely accommodating to a 12 year old fan who was excited to have the chance to sit with a Major League star's dad.  Even though the Cubs lost and Eck got a no-decision, Mr. Eckersley made that day a memorable one for me.