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Marriott Rewards Premier Visa - Unable to Upgrade?

Question asked by tsolaaa on Apr 10, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2013 by jerhenz

Hey Everyone,


I have been with Chase for over 10 years and a Marriott member for over five, never missed a payment on any cards, never overdraft, hold many accounts with them and have a high FICO score, yet when I called to upgrade my regular Marriott Rewards Visa to the Premier version, they declined me. I have tried two times, (neither representative said they had to run my credit) and both said "The system doesn't tell us why you are being declined"


Both rep's said that I would receive a reason letter in the mail, which I did, but only said "Sorry, but we are unable to upgrade you now" (Or something similar)


My question is, has anyone else expierenced this problem trying to upgrade their card to the premier version?


I will be doing quite a bit of international travel in the coming months and would like to upgrade for both the EMV compatibility as well as the no forex fees.


I realize that I can always submit an application for the Premier card, but much rather not.


I have had this card for about seven months, so maybe it's time related? (Need be an account holder for XX months/years before you can upgrade?)