Picture days at the ball park

Discussion created by rameshkalra on Apr 9, 2013

One of my memorable trips to the baseball stadium was on a picture day with my boys when they were little. The boys had seen the players play on the field and on TV, but to be physically right next to them and having their pictures taken with their idols made them ecstatic. I remember I had to skip a business trip to be in town for that particular day to be able take them to the ball game, and what a treat it was for all the players to come out and pose with the kids in such a loving way. No words could describe the joy the kids derived from this encounter and they kept talking about it for days. All their friends were jealous and kind of felt sad at missing that opportunity of being up close to their heroes. I hope the ball clubs keep this tradition alive, as it is such a big thing for little kids to be able to have their pictures taken with the stars.