My 42story

Discussion created by trans0816 on Apr 9, 2013

After many years as a career youth worker, I agreed to chaperone a trip for a large group of youth to the Texas Rangers game.  My only responsibility was to watch 6 of the kids and give permission for them to go get concessions, go to the restroom, etc.  All went well until I realized that one of my six, a chubby kid named Billy was missing.  In a panic I, along with the other adults began to search feverishly for the lost 7th grader, but he was no where to be found.  We reconvened at our seats and began discussing what to do.  Just at that moment the time came for the "crowd cam" to show faces on the big screen in center field.  One of the first people to appear was the missing Billy....his belly hanging over the upper right field railing waving his recently removed t-shirt above his head!  He was still waving that shirt as I grabbed his arm and "escorted" him back to his seat.