The I-70 Series a #42story

Discussion created by mrjackwolf on Apr 9, 2013

It was the fall of 1985, I was a 10 year old boy in Kansas City.  My favorite team, easily the Royals.  Still the names bring back so many memories: Brett, White, Wilson, Balboni, Biancalana...  The summer was fun my beloved Royals were good, damn good.  My second favorite team, the Cardinals were also tearing it up.  The summer was fun, the fall would be unforgettable.  Look, I was spoiled, I had no idea how rare a playoff run for the Royals might be.  I had no idea that at 36 I would never have seen another one.  All I knew was that baseball was magic, and that the Royals kept winning, and winning.  Finally we were in the World Series, against that other Missouri team the Cardinals.  I went to game 1.  The Royals lost.  I went to game 2. The Royals lost.  Believe it or not I was fine.  As the series shifted to St. Louis I knew a team from my state would be world champs and I could live with that.  Then Brett got hot, so did Biancalana, and trust me he had never been hot before and never would be again.  Soon the series was tied 3-3.  And Dad said let's go to the game, game 7.  I still remember exactly what I wore.  I had my Royals shirt on, I wanted them to win, I knew they'd win.  But just in case, I had my Cards t-shirt on underneath.  The game wasn't even close.  It was all Royals.  Everyone got a hit, everyone scored.  The best baseball night of my life...  By far...