How I made the All Stars

Discussion created by bikerbandito on Apr 9, 2013

As a kid, my greatest aspiration was to make the little league "All Star" team.  I had played for years now, and this was my one big chance to take my skills to a new level.  I remember how tough the tryouts were.  My position was catcher, so I ultimately tried for that position.  I remember doing quite well at batting, and even playing the field.  One batter cracked a high ball to left field (the rotation I had taken for the scrimmage) and it was headed over the fence for a home run....but something inside me told me to jump.  I jumped, extending my arm outside of my socket...up into the sky.  As transforming into rubber, I caught the ball before it went over the fence!  I couldn't believe it!  The coach was also in awe..."Now that kid can catch" he said. 


From that point on I accelerated my baseball game into new levels and went on to play for all-star teams, high school teams.  In a way it was the beginning of my self-confidence...doing something I knew I was good at made me good at things I was not, and better at things I was already good at.  I will never forget that moment of catching the ball far out in left field.