1987 World Champion Minnesota Twins

Discussion created by warnrobert on Apr 9, 2013

"And we'll see you tomorrow night!" - Jack Buck, after Kirby Puckett hits game winning home run in Game 6 to force a Game 7!


I remember this vividly as a child enthralled with baseball. My mother worked for the Twins ticket office in those days, which meant "special" access to tickets. Somehow she managed to get a pair, so low and behold, there we were sitting watching Game 7 from the first row in the upper deck first baseline. The game drew on, I remember feeling nervous and holding her hand, worried how sad I would be if they lost....but Jack Morris had other ideas...and single handly keep them in the game...well that and Kent Herbek picking up Ron Gants leg at first base!!


But funny enough, even through all of the craziness that ensued after they one the game, what I remember the most is the time that I spend with my mom. And that's the great thing about baseball, its really about the conversations that you have while taking in a game, the whole experience and the connection with those who are watching with you...!